Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Black Mountain Psych

Yeah, I don't shoot video at shows because I'm too busy watching the band. But I do appreciate those people who do! And one of those people has come through big time.

Goat's set was definitely the highlight of my Austin Psych Fest, being that they were my #1 of 2012 & I'd never seen them before. But Black Mountain (#6 Live, 2010) was a real close second, and someone shot most of their set!

O yeah, and Roky was real good too. And Boris. And...

"Mary Lou" live at Austin Psych Fest, 4/27/2013

Pretty epic set-opener from their most recent soundtrack album. Might as well go ahead and mention that I've run into Stephen McBean at all 3 Austin Psych Fests that I've attended so far: 3/3.

"Wucan" live at Austin Psych Fest, 4/27/2013

One of my faves there - since whenever I first discovered that album. Which is In the Future (#10, 2008), which is great. Here, have an official video, while yer at it.

"Tyrants" live at Austin Psych Fest, 4/27/2013

Super-prog, that at times comes on like bombastic Mollusk-style Ween. (That is good.) The next video has the coda, along with a full "Buried by the Blues." Nice.

[other sweet photos here]

The rain started falling during "Phosphorescent Waves," so the camera went into hiding [full studio]. I wasn't altogether with it, but I'm thinking there was another Wilderness Heart (#17, 2010) rocker played in there - maybe the title track. But not "Let Spirits Ride," which I initially mistook it for.

"No Hits" live at Austin Psych Fest, 4/27/2013

You wanna talk about epic? Check out that John Carpenter worship intro, check out that jamming. Yup, that's from the 2005 self-titled debut.

No "Druganaut" from that one, but I'm fairly sure they did perform "Queens Will Play" somewhere in there towards the end.

Thanks, Black Mountain!! Come back to Texas before another 3 years...

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