Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Live Goat

This was originally going to be just an overall Psych Fest update - but some people aren't posting up all their live videos yet. I know you were filming!!

Anyway, given all the stuff happening around Goat (#1, 2012), I think it warrants yet another post about them.

"Run to Your Mama" from World Music (2012)

New-ish official video (and there's even something unofficial). Maybe you missed the RSD Remixes of that song? No sweat - MP3's are available at Amazon & at Boomkat. Hell, looks like they've still got some of the 12"s over at Forced Exposure.

Obviously, Goat's been touring America recently (getting to Psych Fest...), so check some of this out:

"Goathead" - live at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 4/23/2013

Yeah, Goat in concert! How'd you like to be able to download that whole show as an authorized recording? The whole show. Thanks again, NYCtaper!

O, there's also video of the full Philadelphia, PA show at Johnny Brenda's - same basic set: Diarabi, Golden Dawn, Disco Fever, Stone Goat, Let It Bleed, Dream Building, Run To Your Mama, Goathead, Goatman, Goatlord, Det som aldrig förändras, and the encore - The Sun, The Moon.

"The Sun, The Moon" - live at Austin Psych Fest, 4/28/2013

Or check out the encore from Psych Fest, either way. Lotsa fun was had by all. Someone else shot during "Let It Bleed." The only thing I'd suggest was maybe some brighter lights for more stage action visibility, but that's a minor thing. They (both Goat and the crowd) tore it up!

Also, you might not know a couple of tunes on the setlist - I sure didn't. But "Dreambuilding" and "Stone Goat" are the double-A sides of their new/upcoming single. Stream the first (???) A-side from Pitchfork. Out already in Sweden on 12", another 2 versions are out in early June. American pre-order via Sub-Pop, and Euro pre-order via Rough Trade (on Rocket Recordings, both are 7").

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