Saturday, April 17, 2010

Record Store Day 2010: The Haul

This morning was an epic quest across Houston's record store landscape, bringing a treasure trove of new vinyl. First stop was Vinal Edge, far to the north. Then a Cactus drive-by... I fled in terror from the line stretching all the way to Shepherd. And finally to the calm of Sig's Lagoon, where the abundant stock and lack of crowds was an oasis in the insanity of Record Store Day!

Vinal Edge was giving away a Best of 2009 mix CDr to the first 50 customers. I think I was the first to check out, so I consider that limited edition 1/50. [tracklist at bottom of post]

So, what'd I buy? Well, a Fela Kuti 4-song 10" EP, "recorded in LA in 1969; cover is replica of first Nigerian Fela Kuti record." And a Phoenix "Fences" 12" single on "pink vinyl... with album track plus remix." Also, a "Feel Good Hit of the Summer" 10" from Queens of the Stone Age. It's a "vinyl picture disc of EP previously unreleased in US; first time ever on vinyl!!" Plus a ltd. ed. Them Crooked Vultures picture disc, with live + interview... Pretty good!

True Love Cast Out All Evil
How about Sig's Lagoon? (As I might have mentioned, Cactus was skipped for crowds.) Well, I got a 3-day jump on the new Roky Erickson and Okkervil River LP, True Love Cast Out All Evil (2010)!!! Sounds pretty sweet so far, from the .mp3 download. Then a ltd. ed. 7" with three live Elvis Costello songs from Live at Hollywood High (2010), recorded at a 6/4/1978 show in L.A. And REM's debut EP, Chronic Town (1982). Finally, a Beastie Boys "white label 12" super surprise" single/EP - still don't know what the surprise is, though...

Rated U
Vinal Edge Best of 2009 mix CDr - RSD 2010:

1. Decemberists "The Rake's Song" from The Hazards of Love
2. Fire On Fire "Hartford Blues" from The Orchard
3. Cryin' Sam Collins "Lonesome Road" from I Woke Up One Morning In May
4. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou "Malin Kpon O" from Echos Hypnotiques
5. Bat For Lashes "Sleep Alone" from Two Suns
6. Black Moth Super Rainbow "Iron Lemonade" from Eating Us
7. Units "Bug Boy" from History of the Units
8. Thee Oh Sees "Meat Step Lively" from Help
9. Linda Yong and The Silvertones "Congrats, Congrats" from Singapore A-Go-Go
10. Flaming Lips "Silver Trembling Hands" from Embryonic
11. Eric Peters "Freak Blues" from G-Spots
12. Causa Sui "Rip Tide" from Summer Sessions Vol. 2
13. Ancestors "Mother Animal [excerpt]" from Of Sound Mind
14. Sylvester Anfang II "Na Regen Komt Zondvloed [excerpt]" from Sylvester Anfang II
15. Nels Cline "Onan Suite: Interruption" from Coward
16. Nurse With Wound "The Golden Age [excerpt]" from Surveillance Lounge
17. Nurse With Wound "Untitled 5" from Paranoia in Hi-Fi
18. Bill Dixon, Aaron Siegel & Ben Hall "Hirado [excerpt]" from Weight / Counterweight
19. L'Acephale "A Burned Village" from Malfeasance
20. Aethenor "Untitled 4" from Faking Gold & Murder
21. Leyland Kirby "To The Place Between the Twilight and the Dawn [excerpt]" from Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was
22. Evangelista "Winds of St. Anne" from Hello, Voyager
23. Steven R. Smith "Black Paper Scrim" from Cities
24. Vic Chestnut "Chain" from Coward

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