Saturday, May 18, 2013

The 3-Dimensional In-Popcycle Dream -
The Pillbugs (#8, 2003)

I gotta move on with these Top 10 from 2003. Repeat offenders all over again: #4, 2004 and #4, 2008. Many more groovy hits from the prodigious, beloved, late, lamented retro-pop ensemble. 1960s fetishism without all the laziness.

Straight outta Ohio!

"Heather (Whatever)" from The 3-Dimensional... (2003)

It gets a little more difficult (and pointless) to go on & on about some great album, when you can just stream the whole thing yourself - but that's my job. The Pillbugs made a handful of official videos, and that's one right there. Organ rattles, tambourine & handclaps, drum breaks, so forth and so on...

"Red Light Summer" from The 3-D I-P Dream (2003)

Mellow grooviness, nice little tune, animated in the style of Yellow Submarine (#6, 1969). Or as much as possible.

O yeah, this CD also came with an actual set of red/blue 3-D glasses! I think I've owned about twenty of those over my life, and this is probably the only ones left standing.

"Charlie Blue Car" from The 3-D I-P Dream (2003)

As always, I'm left with a couple of Pillbugs albums that I need to pick up - I think Buzz for Aldrin (2007) should be next. What else? Here's a label commercial with some Warholian SFX. And unofficial slideshow vid for another good track, "Liberty Town of Love."

This in-studio look shows the recording on a great one, "Girl on a Laser Beam." Free download?! Might be time for another MP3 comp.

3-Dimensional Pillbugs

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Location - Toledo, OH

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