Friday, June 29, 2012

Russian Tropicaliambient

Just passing on something from Ad Hoc, which I don't check quite as often as I did the ol' AZ, but still...

Ou du Monde
Good album cover, good band name, good stuff!

It's Mpala Garoo, with "Vive L'immensite" from Ou du Monde (2010, 2012).

Keywords from Ad Hoc: "sweetly tropical vibes ... from Moscow, sweat dappled guitar and floating ambient headspace ... Ducktails .... float in a dreamlike trance..."

Clues from label: "Moscow multi-instrumentalist Ivan Karib ... also plays in Kon Tiki Gemini ... wondrous spaced-out and multi-layered electronics ... tropics invade Russia ... ghost guitars ring hollow, looping around endlessly..."

Some other videos over on Vimeo.

mpala garoo - open way up high by powwowed

That's the opening track. You can buy it from Bandcamp (download) or Experimedia (vinyl, US) or Aguirre (vinyl, Euro). Bandcamp also has the full stream!

Might as well tack on this one about Former Selves, with "Healing" from Telos (2012). Not from Russia, but still... They/he also has several other videos on Vimeo. (Maybe the new place to be?)

Former Selves are on Bandcamp: mostly streaming, a couple of freebies (Predictions). Also included on this Free label comp from what Ad Hoc called "the consistently exciting Bridgetown Records."

Their entire free catalogue!!

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