Thursday, June 21, 2012

Barn Owl Landings

Awhile back, Thrill Jockey e-mailed me - as someone who had previously purchased the music of Barn Owl. They wanted to let me know that Evan Caminiti (Barn Owl member) had two new solo releases out. I simply cannot keep up with Barn Owl (#8 of 2011 and #11 of 2010), or either of their solo careers.

First up is the Night Dust LP, out May 15th on the Immune Recordings label. Very nice! Quite different than the usual Barn Owl. Also... "Video by Evan Caminiti - All footage was sourced from YouTube."

Another alias from Evan Caminiti is apparently going to be Painted Caves, and the new thing is one of those cassette releases. Limited edition of 200, self-released on his own Dust Editions label. Only 14 left @ $10 from Thrill Jockey distribution - includes digital download as well.

Night Dust
Actually on Thrill Jocket will be the upcoming Dreamless Sleep from E.C. - out August 21st according to Tiny Mix Tapes. Let's move on to the other ½ of Barn Owl...

Jon Porras released Black Mesa this year. As this review points out, that does sound more like Barn Owl! Pick it up from TJ on LP or CD.

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