Saturday, June 16, 2012

Caroliner Rainbow Pick-up Overdrive

I own only one Caroliner record, Rings on the Awkward Shadow (1994 2xLP, released under the name Caroliner Rainbow Grace Blocks Used in the Placement of the Personality).

The Cooking Stove Beast
But I just picked up 6 of their LP's, for what could only be called bargain-basement prices (most at $10). So low that I'm actually considering them as investments, but maybe this post will lead me to different conclusions. Let's find out!

"Staddalakasta Vein Loom" Hous-towne Tejas, 1800's

Couldn't find anything from Awkward Shadow, but that video clip is named after a song on it. Also it references the Astral HQ city: "live from the banks of the Buffalo Bayou, circa 1883." Caroliner was an experimental anachronist band from San Francisco, and you can read more over on Wikipedia - I'm no expert.

"Mud Cup Monocle" from Rear End Hernia Puppet Show (1985)

Since the artwork is very obscure, I had to do a little research to figure out what I'd got. First up looks like their debut album, Rear End Hernia Puppet Show (1985 box, under the name Caroliner Rainbow Hernia Milk Queen). Sounds kinda Beefheartian, huh? Currently listed on eBay for $75. If my research proves correct, this is probably the big find since it's the oldest of the bunch...

"Dusk" from I'm Armed with Quarts of Blood (1986)

I also picked up I'm Armed with Quarts of Blood (1986, as Caroliner Rainbow Stewed Angel Skins) - which is their 2nd album according to Discogs. I'd actually heard of this album back into the '90s. I guess along the lines of Horse Cock Phepner by Sun City Girls, with whom I'm sure Caroliner shares some kind of history (or at least philosophy).

"Fanged Hymen Flee In Terror" from The Sabre Waving Saracen Wall (1992)

Which brings us to the apparent 4th record, The Sabre Waving Saracen Wall (1992, as Caroliner Rainbow Fingers of the Underground & Their Breakable Bones). Hey, I'm starting to think I might just keep these... weirdo stuff, yeah!

"Huge Gunset" from The Cooking Stove Beast (1992)

Also in 1992 came The Cooking Stove Beast (by Caroliner Rainbow Susans and Bruisins). This one comes with a t-shirt that has two pieces of art - on paper - glued to it. Kinda doubt that I'll ever end up wearing it.

"The Superfluous Snap Pipes The Veteran Lung" from Seal Heal Holler (1995)

The last of the true LP's was Seal Heal Holler (1995, under guise of Caroliner Rainbow Customary Relaxation of the Shale). From what I can see, Caroliner is pretty generous with spelling out all of the lyrics on their homemade insert art. But I guess if you want to read along to the internet, that's something too.

"Gut" from 'Not an LP, a 50+ Minute 7" in 12" Form, including...' (1998)

And finally, as the insert explicitly says: "Not an LP..." So this is a 2-song single (7" in 12" form), that's longer than most full-length albums (50+ minutes). The A-side up there seems pretty Sun Cityesque to me, and the B-side is called "Lower Intestinal Clocks." I'm betting it's pretty weird as well. [Oops, forgot to mention the official release artist: Caroliner Rainbow Stand Still or Fight Beans and Sunstroke.]

I also got the previous owner's list of Caroliner albums as a "folk" insert with this maxi-mega-single. Bonus!!

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ananthakrishnan said...

I dont own a LP player and I am fervently seeking out the Caroliner albums - is there a possibility of getting a mp3 rip or something? I know it is not correct to ask for something like that but given that there are no CDs of this lovely band I got no option. So I thought I would ask you :)