Sunday, June 17, 2012

Zombicassetten (VCO)

Zombi's tape label has a new release (via Bandcamp) with a unique backstory, limited to 100 cassettes!

Here's what happened, per FaceBook...
About six months ago we received a most mysterious package. Contained within were some delightful sounds, and this little letter:
My name is Abul Mogard. I approached music in old age. I was born in Belgrad and spent most of my life working in a Serbian factory.

When I retired, I felt that my accustomed environment with all the acoustic noises I'd been listening to during my working years was gone.

Music was a way to somehow recreate these surroundings, and while not having a formal musical education, I realized that using electronic musical instruments would make this possible.

These machines could also make similar sounds to the ones I remembered. I started working with synthesizers and other devices, some of which I built myself over the past few years.

Please enjoy.

Abul Mogard

VCO listeners, do please enjoy the sounds of Abul Mogard.

Those sounds comprise the oceanic waves and floaty drift of ambient synth drone. Recommended if you like that sorta thing!

Abul Mogard
Some more info (order from Bandcamp):
Composed by Abul Mogard using Farfisa organs, a Moog synthesizer and digital samplers. Processed through various kinds of analog and digital equipment.


Despite Faith 7.41
Drooping Off 10.12
The Purpose of Peace 9.38


The Room 16.37
Android Manouvres 13.40

Pretty sweet, but act now!! Some of the other ltd-ed VCO catalogue is either gone or going fast.

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