Friday, February 17, 2012

Through Astral Projection

A rare comment appeared on the most recent compilation post:
i found you did a very interesting research on this topic, which i do consider very important astral plane helps to infusionate (so to speak) your spells and magical objects, and more, more, more things to talk about astral

Good point, Astral!

So here's the opening track off the (most?) recent Expo '70 (#17, 2011) album, Journey through Astral Projection (2011).

"Trajectory Rhythms" by Expo '70, from Journey through Astral Projection (2011)

Huh, I thought it was already 2012... O well, add it to the #17 rank, maybe bump it up a notch. And flyyyyyy into (Astral) space!!

Journey Through Astral cassette
If only you could hear "Growing Mushrooms of Potency" or "Heartfelt Moon Tripper." Maybe you should buy the album, or at least read all about it. Features Umberto (#34, 2010) on synths, bass, etc., as so often happens.

"Moon Raga" by Expo '70, from Hovering Resonance 12" (2012)

Nope! There's some more recent, 2012 Expo '70 material there - and that's side B. Available on Bandcamp...

Hovering Resonance twelver
As always, tasty artwork too.

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