Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's Elemental and Such

For those of you put off by Demdike Stare's elaborate 4x12" EP-series/objet d'art, the 2xCD recollection is up for pre-sale. For the (non-importing) US, not yet up at Forced Exposure at this point...

"Violetta" [official] from Elemental #2: Violetta (2011)

I've finally unpacked and listened to Demdike Stare's (#8, 2010) first two installments of new LP-series Elemental. The third one's received, and the fourth ordered... But internet info is starting to come out, so I'm rounding it up!

"Kommunion" from Elemental #1: Crysanthe (2011)

This one's especially good cranked up high, rattling the windows, vaporizing the support beams with sympathetic vibrations, collapsing in waves of the primodrial Drone. "Kommunion" appears towards the end of a new podcast/mix (see below).

"Mnemosyne" from Elemental #2: Violetta (2011)

As always, there are new things for adjusting to and consideration, but a lot seems spare and minimalismic. Several of the early tracks work mostly around the rhythm(s), with lesser accompaniment.

"In The Wake Of Chronos" from Elemental #2: Violetta (2011)

Minimalindustrialisheadphoneskronkdrone... for your brain's ear.

"Unction" from Elemental #1: Crysanthe (2011)

Okay, I'm thinking: SONAR (artificial/mechanical, not dolphins and bats), and maybe some insider jokes about dubstep ("wub-wub", "where's the drop?"), the Hammond Organ of Doom - all mixed up.

"Mephisto's Lament" from Elemental #1: Crysanthe (2011)

The kick-off track for the whole deal. I always forget to check if bands I dig have the Facebook - Demdike Stare does.

That's how I learned about their recent free Modern Love mix/Elemental podcast, "Irrational Advice":
Heldon - excerpt from Heldon Third
Shiver - "Future World" intro
> Metro - "Angel Of Mercy" (Loop)
?? - "Private Life" remake
Ennio Morricone - "Prayer (Conroy)"
Dia Prometido - "Ruisenor Persa"
Random Library 1
Bernard Bonnier - "Vero La Toto"
Mal Waldron - "Thoughts"
Demdike Stare - Unreleased
Gherkin Jerks - from Stomp The Beat
Fabio Fabor - "Melos e Psiche"
> Julia Holter excerpt
Nate Young - "Regression"
Random Library 2
Random Library 3
Leila - "How do you want it?"
Atmo - "Subaquatic"
Julia Holter - "Goddess Eyes"
Demdike Stare - "Kommunion"
Ian Carr & Don Rendell Quintet - Dusk Fire (Excerpt and edit)

There's also an old mix, "MovingMetals," from awhile back. Still downloadable!

"Erosion of Mediocrity" from Elemental #3: Rose (2011)

Check it out - one day old! Lovely video...

Finally, Pitchfork somewhat recently gave Elemental Parts 1 & 2 a 7.9 review, which seems to be their default number for "pretty good actually." And I just found this this interview with the Demdikes!


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