Thursday, February 16, 2012

Patience (Azymuth Shangaan)

The Caretaker (#10 of 2011, et cetera) finally went and did a soundtrack. Here's a trailer for the film - which came along with a grip of bonus tracks on the 2011 digital subscription!

Patience (After Sebald) trailer (2012)

And here's a (British) review of the film. And here's Sebald's (Wikipedia) page.

O hey, look - **Free Download** of bonus track set!! (Thanks to Pitchfork.)

Patience (After Sebald)
"When will all vinyl start coming with immediately digestible MP3 downloads?", I sometimes wonder. Just got the new one from Demdike Stare and Andy Votel, familiarly self-titled Slant Azymuth (shades of #8, 2010?)...

"Intervision 1" by Slant Azymuth, from Slant Azymuth (2012)

Like the pre-record playing dribble of Demdike Elemental tracks, YouTube provides some dark ambient solace.

"Intervision 2" by Slant Azymuth, from Slant Azymuth (2012)

I also picked up the split 12" between Demdike Stare and Hype Williams doing remixes of Shangaan Electro stuff - you can stream some at Pitchfork.

This is, uhhh, contemporary hi-NRG South African dance music... listen to, and listen about.

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