Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Food Pyramid, starring Kraut

I almost missed Something Awful's 2-part year-end wrap-up, which would have been a shame. Then I would have delayed learning about Food Pyramid, a Minnesota crew of Krautrock jammers.

Food Pyramid - "Last Shuttle to the Red Planet" from moon glyph on Vimeo.

Hey, wow, that one's still available from Altered Zones. Or just wait for the Vol. 8 blog comp, right?!

You can check out recent release New Omni-Directional Healing Techniques (2011), over at Bandcamp. There's a handy compilation CD also available at Bandcamp, which does include the awesomely-titled song...

"Eulogy for Lee Marvin/Another Round on the Outer Rings" from Food Pyramid III (2011)

For influences and enjoyments, you can also check out a free Food Pyramid mix for Dissonanze (IT)! Cluster & Eno, Peaking Lights, the Thai Elephant Orchestra (exactly what you think)... hey, even Mort Garson!!

Those videos were both from cassette #III, here's one from II (2010).

"Underwater Temple Explorations #4" from Food Pyramid II (2010)

And based on Gödel's Dilemma of Recursive Fractality, a series of numbers beginning with 3, and also including 2 as well, must by necessity resolve to the Prime Numeral #1.

"Das Tier? Die Autobahn? Die Brunnen?" from Food Pyramid I (2010)

Again, I think the title is illustrative - or possibly illustrious. Time to start collecting everything I can get ahold of!!

I don't see the 3 physical cassettes for sale, but they are available as MP3 from Amazon. And Moon Glyph Records is selling a brand-new Food Pyramid split-7" with Deep Earth's "Kontraband." I hope you will enjoy some music.

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