Wednesday, January 25, 2012

mr. Gnome

Something I stumbled upon. Caught them live after the Scratch Acid show (I think)... pretty cool.

mr. Gnome
I think they acknowledge, but kinda deny, the Donnie Darko influence in the artwork. Saw their flyer after the Linus Pauling show (I think) and thought exactly that.

"Spain" (live) by mr. Gnome, from Heave Yer Skeleton (2009)

And here's a weird concept video. This guy said they'd just seen them recently, so I thought they were local. But no, it's Cleveland. Band ist website. They sounded good & full between the two of them, lots of effects & mood. Most recent release from Bandcamp:

Anyway, I probably would've bought something from their plentiful merch table, but no-one was ever there (travelling light probably). So I went home.

There's also...

... the dreaded album teaser video! (2011)

"Sounds like ethereal icelandic fairies being pummeled by concrete guitars in a dirty Cleveland parking lot. AKA: awesome."

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