Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Upcoming of Thunderbeam

At the end of the year, supporters got a surprise from Team Thunderbeam: the soundtrack! And it's making its way out on the internet.

Thunderbeam widescreen
I'd written a little about this situation about a month ago. Then a few weeks ago, The Octopus Project put a couple of songs up on their SoundCloud page, both free for download (currently). Go there, or go to the bottom of this post.

In the meantime, someone's started putting certain songs up on YouTube - so let's check 'em out!

"Diamond Disc" from Thunderbeam! OST (2012)

I dig... a lot!

"The Unknown Worlds" from Thunderbeam! OST (2012)

Not that's some good videogame soundtrack material. I'd listen to that even outside of a video-blasty.

"Orgone Accumulator" from Thunderbeam! OST (2012)

I don't perceive any relation to the Hawkwind classic [mild toplessness]. Obviously, Hawkwind didn't invent the Orgone concept, but they may have perfected it. Also, literally just yesterday, I pulled up the video for "Cloudbusting," and I had never known what that song/vid were all about. Wild!

And here are the downloadable SoundCloud tunes...

C.L.O.V.I.S by The Octopus Project

Short & sweet, kinda mellow. But in a good, Tangerine Dream-transition style. (Download is the arrow-pointing-down button, center/far-right.)

The Enlightened Masters by The Octopus Project

Full title is apparently "The Enlightened Masters (Thunderbeam Finale)," if the YouTube version can be trusted. Now I want to finish the game, once it comes out, and also go see The Octopus Project live. Come back to Houston!

old Logo
O yeah, in case you didn't go back, here's the "Theme Song" that I'd previously posted:

Thunderbeam Theme Song by The Octopus Project

I know, right?! As far as I can tell, the whole album is yet unavailable generally - but I'll provide updates as available.

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