Monday, January 23, 2012

Weirdos Economique

This past weekend, I told a couple of people that it's rare to find music that's too weird for me to like.

Land Lines
As if to prove a point, I'm kinda liking this new Starving Weirdos stuff.

"In Our Way" by Starving Weirdos, from Land Lines (2012)

Well at least that one video. I haven't delved into the many S.W. live vids, but might pick up the new record.

"Real Things" by Ensemble Economique, from Psychical (2010)

Starving Weirdos are at least a couple of guys, one of whom is the dude who is Ensemble Economique - who I've always kind of placed with the Pocahaunted/Sun Araw new-dub noise gang.

"Forever Eyes" by Ensemble Economique, from Psychical (2010)

Check out various newer stuff on the E.E. SoundCloud!

That is all. End transmission//

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