Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gonna See Roky (FB)


[Posted 11/26/2011] A trilogy of Facebook posts loosely developing around the then-upcoming 3rd appearance of Roky Erickson here in Houston, TX. Starting with the young bucks...

"SOL '07" by Wooden Shjips, from 7" (2007)

[9/29/2011] For some reason, I thought I had investigated SF's Wooden Shjips... but then a cool song started playing from a Mojo mag comp - and it was this. Early on, they opened for Roky! Cool, huh?

"Lazy Bones" by Wooden Shjips, from West (2011)

I'll probably try to grab one of these albums, either of the singles collections or the regular ones.

You Don't Love Me Yet
Through the torchbearers...

"You Don't Love Me Yet" by Bongwater, from 7" (1988)

[9/30/2011] Here's a great version of a great tune. Kramer 'n' Magnuson with the "You Don't Love Me Yet" single! 1988... wow.

"The Drum" by Bongwater, from Too Much Sleep (1989)

The videos from this Shimmy-Disc era were simply bonkers.

Wooden Shjips opening
On to the headliner himself...

"Bloody Hammer" by Roky Erickson, from 2 different concerts (1980s)

[10/1/2011] THE Roky Erickson, tonite!! I never had a bloody hammer.

"Roller Coaster" by The 13th Floor Elevators, from The Psychedelic Sounds of... (1966)

Roky added yet another 13th Floor song to his Houston Continental Club repertoire!

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