Monday, October 3, 2011

Various Multi-Part Mega-Suites (FB)

Alpha Centauri
[Posted 11/27/2011] Sometimes a tune or video just cannot be contained by the usual 3, 5, or even 10 or 12 minutes. And at that point, it bursts the seams of YouTube, the internets, and reality itself! Like, say, a Tangerine Dream...

"Rubycon, Part 1" by Tangerine Dream, from Rubycon (1976)

[10/3/2011] Pretty awesome images to go with pretty awesome soundz! "Rubycon 1" SPACE-ACe-Ace-ace-a...

Also, here's "Part 2 (part 1)" - right.

"Ricochet" [part 1] by Tangerine Dream, from Ricochet (1975)

Great live album! Here's Part 2/2.

Miles 1983
Miles Davis, with the jazz and all? o yeah.

"Star People" [part 1] by Miles Davis, from Star People (1983)

[10/5/2011] What is it with this place and looong tunes, mang? I've decided to explore the '80s Miles Davis, so I put this on order: Star People (1983)... 1/2 the title track!

Also, here's Part 2 of 2 - right off!

"Yesternow" by Miles Davis, from A Tribute to Jack Johnson (1971)

With YouTube's new capacity levels, that's the whole tune. So I'll give you a component part: "Willie Nelson [insert 2]" - from The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions boxset (2003).

Zombi live
Super-duper live footage of great band, Zombi!

Zombi live [part 1] from Paris, 10/21/2011

[10/24/2011] Five parts of live Zombi! 2011... Yeah!!

Plus, parts two & three & four & five. Rock on!

"Surface to Air" live [part 1] from Chicago, 4/28/2007

I don't think there's any subsequent parts, but that's not gonna prevent me from posting this up. Again?

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