Friday, September 16, 2011

Champs de la Française (FB)

Serge Gainsbourg, besuited
[Posted 11/22/2011] And now comes the triumvirate of major French dudes from '70s avant-pop and soundtrack and album louche. GO!!

"Cannabis" by Serge Gainsbourg, from Cannabis OST (1970)

[9/16/2011] So, what next?? Howsabout France? If so, we must start - and possibly end - with Le Serge. Father of Charlotte, subject of a new biopic, et cetera... Howsabout "Cannabis?"

"Bonnie and Clyde" by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot, from 1968 single

Gainsbourg: Vie héroïque (2010) will be playing the Museum of Fine Arts-Houston the weekend of 12/18!

Jean-Claude Vannier
The genius accompanist!

"L`enfant au Royaume des Mouches" by Jean-Claude Vannier, from L`enfant au Royaume des Mouches OST (1972)

[9/17/2011] Jean-Claude Vannier, often heard en compagnie de Gainsbourg. Like the previous tune, this one is also from a soundtrack. Groovy!

"La girafe au ballon" (c. 1968) by Jean-Claude Vannier, from Electro rapide (2011)

From a new rarities collection, just out last month on Finders Keepers (more on them in 1 post).

Jean-Pierre Massiera
The many guises of...

"L'étrange Msr. Whinster" by Horrific Child, from L'étrange Msr. Whinster (1976)

[9/18/2011] And finally, Jean-Pierre Massiera - in the guise of Horrific Child - with the title track from the weirdo-gonzo "L'étrange Msr. Whinster." Mid-'70s gnarl!

"Love Like This (Human Egg)" by Jean-Pierre Massiera, from Psychoses Discoïd (1976-1981) (1976)

From a J-PM disco comp on Mucho Gusto.

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