Saturday, September 3, 2011

Facebook Backsliding - Scando (FB)

[Posted 11/13/2011] A couple of months ago, I got sick of my computer/internet not working and decided to post about 1 song per day on Facebook. That's as far as I was willing and able to go via iPad.

For those who missed all that, I'll be reposting the songs over here - usually gathered into some kinda theme. This post is Weird Scandinavia of the 21st Century! For those who followed along the first time, I'll try to include some extras to make the blogwise catch-up worthwhile.

The first post was...

"På Grön Kvist" by BlandBladen, from I Grévens Tid (2003)

[09/03/2011] While we all wait for my (brand new) computer to regain net access, I'll just try FB-linking to random web music. Daily? Here's Swede psych-prog from Blandbladen: "På Grön Kvist" - nice...

"I Afton Trans" by BlandBladen, from I Grévens Tid (2003)

You'll find a few of the original tunes are on Soundweave's Summer Psych compilation. Just a hint - because it's great! These bands love the long jams, and are perfectly willing to throw in their traditional musics as well as electro magicks, or jazzy space-out whatevers. You can hear these and more on the band's SoundCloud.

Pewt'r Sessions 1
On to Denmark!

"Gelassenheit" by Causa Sui, from Pewt'r Sessions 2 (2011)

[09/10/2011] Not gonna chase down another series of OOP ltd-ed vinyl after the fact... I'll just hope for CD's again. Danish jam masters Causa Sui go all Czukay-Macero on some live tapes with Sunburned Hand Of The Man dude - thus "Pewt'r Sessions."

"Streams of Gratitude" by Causa Sui, from Pewt'r Sessions 1 (2011)

Nice 'n' laidback. They finally released the collected Summer Sessions (#15, non-Metal 2009) on CD, so I expect they'll also do for these two vinyl EP editions.

Hindu whatnow?

"Kaneh Bosm" by Hidria Spacefolk, from Symbiosis (2002)

[09/12/2011] A bit more Scando-space-psych... This time it's "Kaneh Bosm" by Hidria Spacefolk, from Finland. All-release jukebox on website, link shown in YouTube description. Explore too please!

"Terra Hidria" by Hidria Spacefolk, from Symbiosis (2002)

Given the free listening, and Flash-enabled internet connection, I'll definitely be checking these guys out. Whoa, Finlandia...

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