Sunday, September 4, 2011

North American Psychedelics (FB)

[Posted 11/14/2011] Continuing with more from the Astral Facebook archives, way back from Sept 2011...

"In Circles" by Woodsman, from Mystic Places EP (2011)

[9/4/2011] Caught these guys at Austin Psych Fest, and I keep digging them more & more. Woodsman, from Denver. 2 guitars + 2 drums... Psych!! This is promo tune off soon-to-be-upcoming EP.

"Parallel Minds" by Woodsman, from Mystic Places EP (2011)

Newest video from the new EP that I'm still awaiting big-time.

Quest for Fire
Yo, Canada!

"The Greatest Hits By God" by Quest for Fire, from Lights from Paradise (2010)

[9/24/2011] Looks like another busy day... so here's some Canadian psych-jams. From last year's Quest for Fire album. Just learnt that the guitarist/singer had been Black Mountain's roadie beforehand. Weird!

"Strange Waves" by Quest for Fire, from Quest for Fire (2009)

From the debut release, both available from Tee Pee Records, with the nice roster and the low low prices.

Sun City Girl
This is where things get really weird... and super-extended.

"Ghost Ghat Trespass / Sussmeier" by Sun City Girls, from 330,003 Crossdressers from Beyond The Rig Veda (1996)

[9/25/2011] Sundaysundaysunday! so let's go deep... Sun City Girls w/ Eyvind Kang (#8, 2007), from 1996, and it's "Ghost Ghat Trespass/Sussmeier!!!"

"Napoleon & Josephine" by Sun City Girls, from 2-sided 7" (1992)

Ahh, yes, I remember this from KTRU. I believe it was my first real exposure to Sun City Girls.

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