Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ye Olde Britishisms (FB)

Gnod / White Hills
[Posted 11/16/2011] Next up, our world tour of missed Astral Facebook posts takes us to England and etcetera... Plus a bonus 4th artist for this series!!

"Vatican" by Gnod, from INGNODWETRUST (2011)

[9/8/2011] Now we're gonna get noisy... GNOD - from their Buttholesque, Catholic-tinged "ingnodwetrust" LP - it's "Vatican!" One of 2 long sides of intensity. Enjoy!!

"Untitled II" by, from Gnod (2009)

Gnod are sweet! Definitely keep up with the InGnodWeTrust tumblr, and occasionally their SoundCloud. Also, might wanna check out this MixCloud thing.

A Spare Tabby
Moon Wiring somehow wedge some more modern hip-hop breakbeat stylings into their hauntological Ghost Boxism.

"Queen of Puddings" by Moon Wiring Club from A Spare Tabby at the Cat's Wedding (2010)

[9/9/2011] Confusing English electronic music! I must admit to being a bit confused still... The Moon Wiring Club is the beatboxiest of the Ghost Box hauntological stable. The "Queen of Puddings!!"

"Slumberwick Dreams" by Moon Wiring Club from A Spare Tabby at the Cat's Wedding (2010)

This is the only album I have from MWC, but last year they put out a good internet EP (FREE, #3b) and some cool mixes (also free, #6b).

Lunar Dunes live
I don't know nuffin' else about these chaps. One day, I hope to do... Sorry!

"The Todal Gleeps" by Lunar Dunes, from From Above (2011)

[9/11/2011] Here's some contemporary space-Kraut-jazz from Lunar Dunes. They're Liverpudlian, share a gtr/keys member with Cornershop, and I actually had to research that much. Lotsa good tunes on here, and a new one out this year... I like song title: "The Todal Gleeps."

"Pharaoh's Dream" by Lunar Dunes, from Galaxsea (2011)

This new current-year album seems to lean more towards the world-lounge axis, especially with additional singer and harp. So I picked a more rockin' tune for here.

The Amorphous Androgynous
The Amorphous Androgynous has a good mix CD series going on, called A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble something-something (#35, 2010).

"The Galaxial Pharmaceutical" by The Amorphous Androgynous, from The Isness (2002)

[9/23/2011] Missed a day. Here's a good one from the first album Future Sound of London released as The Amorphous Androgynous. In England... in the U.S., it was still billed as FSOL. That would be "The Isness."

Check out much more HERE.

"Papua New Guinea" by Future Sound of London [original, 1991]

Man, there are a lot of remixes of this track! This is "Trance"? More info here...

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