Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Black Angels Live! (FB)

[Posted 11/20/2011] Another series that went down three-in-a-row. Pre-mo lead-up for The Black Angels local show in Houston, with 2 openers. All got videos on Facebook, plus one more each here.

Spindrift opened up first. Unfortunately, I missed them - because live shows start way too early nowadays. Why, in my youth, headliners wouldn't take the stage until...

"Theme from Drifter's Pass" by Spindrift, from Classic Soundtracks, Vol. 1 (2011)

[9/13/2011] One month from today: Spindrift! Dead Meadow!! The Black Angels!!! in Houston, TX. Here's the first of those. "Drifter's Pass" from this year's Classic Soundtracks, Vol. 1 - they do kinda Spaghetti Western styles...

"Adavan Diazapan" by Spindrift, from Songs of the Ancient Age (2007)

Now I'm really sorry I missed them! I believe I might have also missed them opening for Dandy Warhols last time, due to last-minute food poisoning.

Dead Meadow
I have a couple of Dead Meadow records somewhere... They've done a bunch of different styles through the years. I think they might have even started out as DC Hardcore. Something like that.

"That Old Temple" by Dead Meadow, from Three Kings (2010)

[9/14/2011] I think you see where this is going... Dead Meadow, with "That Old Temple" from their last one (I think). I've only really listened to some earlier records. Planning to see 'em here in 1 month less 1 day!

"At Her Open Door" by Dead Meadow, from Feathers (2005)

I think this is my favorite album of theirs, that I've heard. Dreamy.

The Black Angels
And finally The Black Angels. Great show, and it was the best sound I've heard for them, after a few attempts!

"Ronettes" by The Black Angels, from Phosgene Nightmare (RSD 2011)

[9/15/2011] From this year's RSD 10" EP... They should have called it "Nicöttes" or "For All Tomorrow's Ronnies." But here's The Black Angels doing "Ronettes." Drooooone!!

"Telephone" by The Black Angels, from Phosphene Dream (2010)

I like the last album quite a bit (#32, 2010). The RSD 10" collects rarities and stuff, and is well worth it!

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