Monday, September 19, 2011

Finders Keepers Quality Re-Issues (FB)

[Posted 11/23/2011] This mix series was produced to support the Finders Keepers label, following the records warehouse fire during the recent London dust-up. From Facebook, from a coupla months ago...

Make Do & Mend
[9/19/2011] A mash-up of that last tune appears on this Demdike Stare mix-cd I just received today from Boomkat. Since I have nothing better, I'll run through a couple of others... This is the mix: Boomkat link.

"The Dragon" by Vangelis, from The Dragon (1971)

[9/19/2011] I don't think any '70s Vangelis was less than Epic, but you couldn't be less than confident with the title track from 1971's "The Dragon." C'mon, seriously!

"Babylon" by Aphrodite's Child, from 666 (1972)

Keyboards and production by Vangelis. It's exactly what you think it is: an early-'70s Greek prog concept album, based on the Revelation of St. John the Divine.

Sitting Target

"Main Theme" by Stanley Myers, from Sitting Target OST (1972)

[9/20/2011] Oliver Reed, Ian McShane, and Edward Woodward, in... "Sitting Target" (1972)!! Main Theme by Stanley Myers - constantly raising the stakes, innit?

"Main theme" by Acanthus, from Le frisson des vampires (1971)

[9/21/2011] What next from Finders Keepers label? I though maybe Turkish folk-rock from Selda, or Devo-ish French new wave (music) of Visitors... But no, it's more OST! 1971 Franco-horror theme from Acanthus.

O wait!! I can do that exact thing right here.

"Utan Utan" by Selda Bağcan, from Selda (1976)

Selda, as you may have heard, is a Turkish national treasure.

"V.I.S.I.T.O.R.S." by Visitors, from Visitors (1981)

Visitors have no such reputation - sorry... Whatta difference 5 years and a few kilometres can make!

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