Friday, July 15, 2011

Thank Your Parents Ox3x∞

Here is the 3rd and final (for now) post on Oneida and their record trilogy called Thank Your Parents. I've talked about album #1, Preteen Weaponry (2008). And I've covered the middle disc of the 3xCD Rated O (2009), which is the most accessible. With songs and everything... Now we'll wrap it up with the weirdo jams!

"Brownout in Lagos" from Rated O (2009)

The album opens with an unusual pounding noise-dub freak-out, with some chanted toasting mixed in. According to this BandCamp, Fat Bobby sez "(in case you care, his name is Dad-Ali Ziai and he lives in Santa Cruz)..." Check around there if interested in more info - there's a non-download page with "The Story of Thank Your Parents," and also some other Oneida free d/l's.

"What's Up, Jackal?" from Rated O (2009)

High-energy glitched sequencing and pounded out drums (short-form).

"10:30 at the Oasis" from Rated O (2009)

But I prefer the mid-energy glitched sequencing "Revolution 9"-cut into streamlined Kraftwerk-meets-Steely Dan jam. The front half of "10:30" would be good film music where the hero was being chased by hired killers (or cops), and he has to ride a commuter train for a couple of stops just sitting in those molded plastic seats. The second half is for when he's captured and tortured for information he doesn't have, in a dank concrete laboratory with flickering, strobing halogen klieg lights in his face. Something like that...

"The Story of O" from Rated O (2009)

No-one does soothing but agitated quite like Oneida! I will not be embedding "The Human Factor," as it is a bit hard to stomach (admittedly). And no-one seems to have uploaded it (understandably).

"Folk Wisdom" from Rated O (2009)

Given the lengths we've gone to, let's skip to the end. From Oneida's perspective, you've got to finish up your mega-triple-album with a 20-minute jam on a live favorite, right? Buy Rated O and download sample .mp3's HERE!

Absolute II
As I said, I haven't picked up the 3rd installment, Absolute II (2011). But I am concerned about the "no drums" rumor. I'm uncomfortable when bands move away from their strengths to completely different artists' strong suits.

"Horizon" from Absolute II (2011)

But there's the only track from the new album that I found with minimal effort... You can also buy the new one or d/l that track from Jagjaguwar of Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

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