Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Books' Know Way Out

You know how there are just some record labels that you kind of inherently trust? If they put out something that sounds interesting, you give it a shot? A long time ago that might have been Touch & Go. These days, for me it's about Type, Rocket, Kranky, and definitely Temporary Residence. Home of such luminaries as: Maserati, Grails, Mono, plus Zombi-related stuff! And now The Books.

"Beautiful People" from The Way Out (2010)

I don't know The Books - but this is their 4th album, and the first in five years. I do remember seeing the last one's cover back in the day. Anyway, I'm just hoping to get one of the special "MULTI-COLORED RAINBOW SPLATTER" vinyl and "36 full-color die-cut stickers for you to design and decorate your own unique record cover" that come with the "deluxe 2xLP format." And hopefully the music's good. Seems to be like quirky art-damage sample-orchestrated pop concrète.

I like that one above, because I like math. And "All You Need Is A Wall" is also pretty cool. I expect it to be a really interesting record - which can end up going either way as to actually liking something. We shall see...

"A Cold Freezin' Night" from The Way Out (2010)

The other official pre-release sample is more Art of Noise-y, with a childlike lack of innocence. Watch out for the epilepsy!!

The Way Out
Okay. So here are a couple of tracks from The Books' previous albums, selected based on whether there's official videos, info from the All Music Guide, stuff like that... I didn't have time to listen to all their music, but maybe later.

"The Owl With Knees" from Lost and Safe (2005)

"Be Good To Them Always" from Lost and Safe (2005)

"Take Time" from The Lemon of Pink (2003)

"Tokyo" from The Lemon of Pink (2003)

"Read, Eat, Sleep" from Thought for Food (2002)

"All Our Base Are Belong To Them" from Thought for Food (2002)

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