Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Seven Thunders Rolling

Based on where I heard the name, I'd always assumed that Voice of the Seven Woods was some kinda drone-folk. And they well may have been. New album this year, under updated name Voice of the Seven Thunders, has a little of that - mixed in with a big helping of heavy stonerish guitar psych-rock.

Kind of reminds me of Six Organs' Ben Chasny playing with Comets On Fire. Except this is more continuous than a gang-up, and the folk carry-over is more prevalent. So check out these songs, there's good rockin'...

The Burning Mountain single
O yeah, and "Burning Mountain" seems to be an actual single from this album, with "Dry Leaves" as the b-side.

"The Burning Mountain" of the Seven Thunders

"Dry Leaves" from Voice of the Seven Thunders (2010)

"Kommune" by Voice of the Seven Thunders

"Out of the Smoke" from Voice of the Seven Thunders (2010)

Voice of the Seven Thunders

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