Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Streaming Live Shows

Just discovered a bunch of stuff that I'd overlooked or is newly available.

Steve Moore 2600
Steve Moore (synths for Zombi), Live at Abrons Arts Center on May 10, 2010.

Live May 12, 2010
by steve moore

Light show videos here, here, and here:

Grails live!
[pic from Prefix Mag's photo gallery]

Brooklyn Vegan had offered a downloadable Grails with Silver Apples in 2008, doing "Silk Rd." Pretty nice add to your .mp3 collection! But now a NEWER POST makes that obsolete, by adding other Grails .mp3 downloads and some nice videos - check it out there.

"Silk Rd" (live 2007) from Acid Rain dvd (2009)

There's apparently a Feb 2009 Grails bootleg somewhere out there, but I'm not paying shady Russian download sites for the pleasure...

Baroness at Roadburn 2009
And finally, a ton of Roadburn 2009 audio streams!! Includes full shows streaming for: Ufomammut, Baroness, Orange Goblin, ZU, Wolves in the Throne Room, Farflung, White Hills, Mono, Dragontears, and Steve Von Till... How I wish I could have attended!

"Silver Shrooms" (live) by Farflung, Roadburn 2009

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