Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You! Back to Gong!!

Been listening to a little more of Gong's You (1974), third chapter of the Radio Gnome Invisible series. Of course it has "Master Builder," but the video linked in my previous Gong (vs. Magma) post has been removed. So, here's that again, plus some other groovy batty psych-prog weirdness.

"A Sprinking of Clouds" from You (1974)

Major discovery, at least for me recently. Appears right after the "Builder," so I guess I've just sorta overlooked it. No more!! If there's a typical Gong type of tune, these aren't it. That would be quirky and distinctly British, with odd vocals that do more for the overall narrative than the song itself. These are the jams, and there's no typical Gong style of jam. "Clouds" is really different, with a gradual build in the electro- vein, until the pulsewaves crash hard - then blast off entirely.

"Master Builder" from You (1974)

Freaktastic jazzcore, with some spacerock drone-groove.

"The Isle of Everywhere" from You (1974)

Sexy, funky psych from Gong?! Wha??

Great cover art as well!

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