Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free Doombient

Looks like it's a free music weekend! The Sunday installment is in two parts...

Demdike Stare
First up is Demdike Stare's Moving Metals mix. I bought their limited edition mix cd, Osmosis (2010), and so far this sounds pretty similar. Dark ambient, mixed with '70s Euro soundtrack, cut with Asia Minor disco-dub and whatever else bubbles up. Kinda of like Giallos Flame jamming with Beyond the Wizards Sleeve and Black to Comm.

Listen to it with this thing and/or hit "Download" to nab your own copy. It's in an Apple .aiff lossless format - which iTunes will import (and convert to .mp3).

"Jannisary" from Symbiosis (2009)

I'll probably pick up their first cd, Symbiosis, at some point. But a couple of hour-long mixes should be sufficient for now. I also got "Suspicious Drone" as part of the Hauntology 14-Tracks mp3 comp. Ltd-ed Osmosis currently available: here.

I was going to drop VØID's self-titled album in with Sebadoh, just to keep the drone rolling. But I hadn't listened to it yet. And despite going by voiddrone, it's really more extended, drone-ish doom metal. They're Italian, and it's worth checking out. Maybe not worth the €10,00 for the deluxe packaging from Hanged Man Records. But you can hear the song's on VØID's Myspace page, or just d/l the whole album which they promo free...

Download link from Myspace. Rapidshare wouldn't complete for me, but Megaupload worked okay.

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