Monday, January 18, 2010

The Drone/Industrial Complex

I'm really excited about finding this terrific radio show/downloadable podcast, aptly named "Klang!!" As I was writing this, I realized that based on the language, I'd assumed it was Finnish - or some kind of Scandinavia. When I went to check exactly where, I was stunned to find it broadcast from a Turkish radio station, Açık Radyo (94.9), Sunday nights at 1am GMT+2. I think that calculates to Saturday evenings at 5pm CST. Right on!!

Very possibly, you're uninteresed in this stuff. I can dig it. But it's undeniably amazing that I went looking for a listen to an obscure vinyl-only re-release, Bugskull's Communication (1997), and found it on an Istanbul radio show that I could download. Klang's End of year list 2009 includes three of my year-enders (Isis, WITTR and Æthenor), one that I've already covered in 2010 (Black to Comm), and a couple we're inching towards (it's a suprises). Turkish noise/drone radio is in league with Iranian Depressive Black Metal for sheer epicness.

Less on the unexpected side of things are a couple of standard web publications that I've been perusing with interest. I've linked to some reviews from Foxy Digitalis before, and it's related in some way to Digitalis Industries record label (re-releasers of Bugskull's record). Their non-listy 2009 round-up is good readin', with many contributors laying out their individual bests in various categories. I like the approach and helpful mini-review summaries.

Then there's Brainwashed, which hosts The Caretaker's site with tons of Free Music. They also took a different approach, apparently only posting a Readers Poll for 2009, then having contributors chime in on the albums and ranks. Another nice way to break up the usual monotony. (Unfortunately, I don't have readers or contributors!!) The readers' #1? Sunn O)))'s Monoliths & Dimensions...

Monoliths & Dimensions
I am on record that I half-consider Sunn O))) a prank on the critical community and thus their audience. And I should be resistant due to my confidence of Merriweather Post Pavilion's overratedness, in the face of near unanimity. But I'll admit to being a bit worn down by the widespread M&D love. I remember thinking "Alice" sounded like an improvement, but maybe I need to give it another spin...
I can admit when/if I'm wrong.

Oop! Allow me to edit one more in. It's an .mp3 blog, and the list is a little cluttered with HTML tags, but: Glowing Raw.

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