Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Great Discography List

They have a list-maker on the Facebook app Living Social, where you're supposed to name five bands you love the entire discography. I'm not sure my "official" answers were the best ones, but I'm sticking to them and doubling-down. That'd be ten. I tried to limit the ringers (Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix Experience), although you could argue I just substituted other ringers...

Discog Bands
Tier 1, only in the order I'd entered them - band links to AllMusic Guide discographies, # of records to discography post:
Big Star - *** 3 records *** (bottom center)
Velvet Underground - *** 4 records *** (top right)
The Clash - 5 records (bottom right)
Flaming Lips - *** 12 [or 16] records *** (top left)
Hüsker Dü - *** 8 records *** (bottom left)
You're not supposed to "cheat" (whatever that means), but I think I did. I didn't include posthumous releases, although I really like "The Living End" - bookends nicely with the debut. But I wouldn't count all the VU archive-scrapings for these purposes. I also didn't include 20-years-later reunions, like the very recent Big Star and Stooges releases.

And I completely forgot about "Cut the Crap," but it's too late now. I normally would have included, because that was soldiering on despite losing/firing a key member (ill-advisedly). But I think I'll stick with that, and cheat again by excluding all post-Roger Waters Pink Floyd. Can you guess any of Tier 2?

Tier 2
Tier 2, in alphabetical order:
Ed Hall - *** 5 records *** - Austin, Texas
Into Another - 4 records - NYC, NY
Pink Floyd - 12 records - London, UK
The Stooges - 3 records - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Ween - 14 records - New Hope, PA
Okay, so it's not really a Top 10 - but it at least gives me some more stuff to cover as we go. Some short-form collections, some that will require more longwindedness... Pretty sure I can muster that.

The biggest leftfield surprising confusion-bait, right?

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