Sunday, September 27, 2009

Indricothere Everywhere

With "Indricothere," you've got two ways to go:

A. The shredding Technical Blackened Death Metal solo project from Colin Marston - of Behold... The Arctopus, Dysrhythmia and Krallice (with Orthrelm/Ocrilim/Mick Barr)...


B. The 20' tall extinct megafauna that was a mash-up of rhinoceros, giraffe and dinosaur. The largest-ever land mammal!

If so, you should check out this hilarious video, made even funnier by the after-market Japanese sub-titles. It features computer-animated projectile birthing, computer-animated fresh-kill pooping, a vicious giant scavenger-hog, a horse-monster that grazes from the treetops - so you know it's from the BBC. Unfortunately, since this is Miocene Mongolia, no elephant-sized ground sloths (S. America) nor ridiculously chandelier-antlered elk (Europe). I love how they treat it like a real documentary - night vision filters, lens flare, even the film crew "disturbing" the big baby's sleep at one point.
So awesome.

Might have to get this series on dvd!

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