Sunday, September 27, 2009

Legal Music is Fun and Free!

What does the word "corndogs" make you think of? The State Fair? Roadside frydaddy joint on the family vacation? Intestinal distress? Wrong!

The one and only correct answer is: "History Lesson - Pt. II" by the Minutemen.

Now, if that lesson was old news, maybe you thought of Corndogs, the ramshackle Mike Watt-related website. Great! Because it has a bunch of downloadables. The "full concerts" link brings up a good index - I count 9 for the Minutemen, plus later acts' stuff. But the whole place is worth exploring, to the extent that you get into it. The "odds and ends" section also has Minutemen stuff, like the vinyl-only tracks from one of the greatest records of the '80s (Double Nickels on the Dime). Also, the Lucky Sperms (Watt+Sonic Youth) 7" of Daniel Johnston and Beatles covers. Videos also for the d/l.
Get it!

(Damn) This Desert Air is no Minutemen - then again, who is? (Not too sure about those parentheses, nor about the New Jersey desert air...) But still, I saw them offering their debut EP (2007) at the StonerRock HQ and gave it a try. FOR FREE. It's really more like alternative music - maybe Stoner Lite? I dunno, but you can sort out whether you want it for free at the (parenthetical) bandname link, or take a look at this:

(D)TDA - seriously - has some connection with Exploding In Sound, which seems like a decent enough place, blog, live show organizer. And they (the band) are pushing their (the blog's) newest comp. It's apparently the third in a series, "Future Legendary," and it's 19 tracks of Free. As are the 1st two in the series: "Bands You Need to Know 2009" (from Feb) and "Recession Rock Revival" (May). You can stream 'n' sample all the tracks here.

I just discovered the comps part today while putting links together, don't think I even recognize any of the bands, but I'd bet there are a few worth checking out. Let me know if you find anything monumental - and I'll do the same.

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