Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Linus Show(s)

Hey! on Saturday night, we went out and caught yet another in a series of frequent shows leading up to the new release from Linus Pauling Quartet (#3, 2007), Bag of Hammers - and also a new multi-disc retrospective (both expected 2012).

"Victory Gin" live at Walters, 05/12/2012

This new song, from the forthcoming Bag, seems to have settled into the keep-it-rolling 2nd song slot. Better get out while you can. Linus continued pulling out new old tunes, this time returning "Cannonball" from C6H8O6 (2003). Follow the news over at their current blog.

Next up...

Velvet Underground "hoot" night at The Continental Club, Saturday 5/26!! Along with Future Blondes (Domokos from Rusted Shut), etc...

"Sister Ray" live at The Boston Tea Party, 03/15/1969

So yeah - see ya there!

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