Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Texas Atari & Music

Check out the free MP3 downloads from Sinkhole Texas Inc., a College Station indie label. That's where I went to university! (You can also view directly at the label Bandcamp...)

"Robotic Music Video" by Atarimatt

Includes Atarimatt, a C.S. electronics guy who makes music with the original 2600 game system. According to his MySpace, influences include:
Pong, Bad Brains, Micromusic, AEM, Cherubs, Atari 2600, Karp, Space Invaders, Six Finger Satellite, Flash Gordon, The Locust, Pac Man, Ed Hall, Hi-Score, Donkey Kong, Glass Eye, The Fucking Champs, Pinball, The Jesus Lizard, Black Kight 2000, The Eagles of Deathmetal, Malignus Youth, Joysticks the Movie, Nomeansno, Wizard of War, The Nipple 5, Missile Command...

Not sure if Pong is the great Austin band and/or the original videogame, but I am on board so far!

I Was A Teenage Metalhead
Here's a Space City Rock review of I Was A Teenage Metalhead (2008), a split-release with Great Unwashed Luminaries - and one of the free MP3 albums available.

Atarimatt, live 08/28/2009, at Revolutions - Bryan, TX

That's what a live show looks like. Been pretty Texas-centric here recently, I'll start re-expanding again soon. But first...

Jesus, What Have You Done?
Speaking of Space City Rock and Texas avant-electronics (two things that I do not associate), I just today saw this new album review for The Illegal Wiretaps - a Katy synth duo with several upcoming shows. Very weird that I should stumble across this on the very day I had a free-weirdo-minimalist-sequencer-noise-downloads-from-Unusual,-TX post linked within Space City Rock.

Check out various Name-Your-Price releases from Bandcamp, follow on FaceBook, or at upcoming regional shows listed at their blog.

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