Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bandcamp for The Underground Youth

A friend clued me into The Underground Youth and their streaming Mancunian shoegaze freak-out over at Bandcamp. Nothing free, but worth a listen!

It's some droney, trippy garage psych of the type that a certain Austin Fest often trades in. Maybe a little on the mellower end of things, which can be a nice place too...

"Morning Sun" from Sadovaya (2010)

A few of their videos are paired up with some primo arthouse cinema (Bergman!), while some provide more original - but still arty - visuals.

"Hedonism" from Mademoiselle (2010)

This was the specific album that I got recommended. With a very Exploding Plastic Inevitable video treatment on that one!

The Underground Youth
So much for year before the last, they've also released 2 in the last year (nothing so far in 2012). Keep up on news, upcoming live shows (UK), or reach other channels, from their official website.

"Delirium" from Delirium (2011)

This record's still available in a numbered ltd-ed of 500, 180g clear-vinyl - for the collector scum amongst us.

"Addiction" from Long Slow Needle EP (2011)

Slooow, indeeed.

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