Monday, May 16, 2011

Woodsman Omnibus

And we're back!! With a new computer, a new internet, and from Austin Psych Fest... Still getting used to the new keyboard, so I'll gear up with a series of mini-posts. Let's start with the Psych Fest.

Rare Forms
Got to see Woodsman, a psychedelic quartet from Denver, Colo. According to this Altered Zones artist profile, they used to be two separate guitar/drum duos - then merged into each other. I was turned on to their mix of avant-experimentation, krauty songcraft and spaced-out jammin', by the .mp3's available at that AZ link, this one and that one. Et cetera...

"When The Morning Comes" from Mystery Tape EP (2010)

Check it out! Pretty cool video, song, vibe - right? That's a little more on the experimental side, I guess.

"Serfer" from Rare Forms (2011)

This one was a big hit with the kids at the fest, which was held in a soon-to-be-demolished power plant. A truly awe-inspiring venue!

"Smells Like Purple" from Mystery Tape EP (2010)

But that was the one I liked most. I think... Not sure how many ultra-mega-jam epics they have, and it was kinda hard to follow at the time.

Mystery Tape EP
You can expect a few more like this as I gear up for regular posting once more...

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