Friday, July 8, 2011

Thank Your Parents 1x2x3

I'm going to have to start dumping what I have saved with even less writing. I'm splitting this one into 3 posts! It's gonna be all about Oneida's "Thank Your Parents triptych of releases." The triad of 3-way trilogy!

The first installment, Preteen Weaponry (2008), was a single tune - split into 3 parts (of course). Just recently, the final chapter was released - and it sounds absolutely bizarre. No drums?! On an Oneida album?!?! They are about nothing but rhythm and repetition and mesmerism and everything at once.

"Part Two" from Preteen Weaponry (2008)

The other day I was driving somewhere familiar, and I was so hypnotized listening to this record that I completely forgot to go where I was headed. I just kept driving down the same road, past my turn, completely spaced out. But I was zoned out on the music, not homed in on it. It altered my brain waves, man!

I believe Oneida first came to my attention via a Preteen Weaponry live bootleg, found on the NYCtaper site. And now again, very recent complete record shows: on June 17 at Secret Project Robot, recorded by NYCtaper! Here's that Preteen set, next one next time.

"Part One" [live] from Whelan's, Dublin - 08/22/2009

There's some Part 1 of some live Oneida from Dublin, Ireland... to give you some idea. Here's the previous "original" NYCtaper Aug 2008 Preteen show - with bonus, older song "Double Lock Your Mind" (2001).

Next up in the trilogy is Rated O (2009), a 3xCD record!!

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