Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thank Your Parents 2x3x5

Second post (in a row) about "Thank Your Parents triptych of releases" from Brooklyn's Oneida. They've just recently put out the third and final chapter, but I don't have it (yet?). So to make this a trilogy of posts, I'll have to split up the second installment, Rated O (2009), in two.

Rated O
I think the logical way to split up this 3xCD(!!!) album would be between the more straightforward jams and the more outlandish experiments. The middle disc (of 3!) is generally the most accessible, so let's focus there.

You can also follow along with a full Rated O live set - from June 17, 2011, at Secret Project Robot, recorded by NYCtaper!

"The River" from Rated O (2009)

That's one kind of Oneida song: rhythmically hyperkinetic, tuneless and amorphous, eventually explosive. Sometimes there's even more accomplished and disciplined repetition - this is more like a pop song for them.

"I Will Haunt You" [live] from Rated O (2009)

There's a strange absense of studio versions from this album on YouTube. But that's okay. I think Oneida's music is very geared towards the propulsive live gig, and they seem to be able to pull it off. Jamming, that is... (Studio version on blog comp #3.)

"The Life You Preferred" [live] from Rated O (2009)

Agreed, YouTube commenter Alisterson: "One of my favorites tunes on the album, ace". Kid Millions is a superstar!

"Ghost in the Room" from Rated O (2009)

I'm not saying that Disc 2 should have actually kicked off the album, but I think it was the right place to start here. I'm imagining in my mind an uninitiated Oneida listener - say, myself a couple of years ago. "Brownout in Lagos" might not have been an inviting introduction...

Oneida - Saturday (Live @ Glazart 2009) by ParhelLives

Wow! I could not find a video of this song anywhere. Sure am glad I finally did - this one was on the last blog .mp3 comp... The live video's actually from the same show as "The Life You Preferred" above: Glaz'art, Paris, 8/13/2009.

"It Was A Wall" from Rated O (2009)


And that's where it ends for Disc 2 of 3. Churning-drone-chant-into-noise "Luxury Travel" is nowhere streaming on the entire World Wide Web. I still haven't figured out my new video-making software, so you'll just have to buy the album.

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