Sunday, July 3, 2011

Go-South, America Neko!

Continuing with the theme of South America, Los Jaivas reminded me about one of my favorite (current) bands from that continent - Argentina's Go-Neko! Looks like I've briefly mentioned them in only two posts on modern Krautrock: Whaddya Mean? and 3 Who Would...

Los Malos de Verdad
Real cool band, with a pretty recent album. And yes - they are giving away FREE both of their records for download!

At the band's website, click on through, check out the comix en Español, and click again. On paginanueva, you'll see boxes for both Una Especie de Mutante (2008) and the newer Los Malos de Verdad (2010). "Descarga Gratis!" is Spanish for "Free Download!" Click each in turn, and unpack the downloaded .RAR full of space-kraut goodness. (American prices are very high for physical albums from their label - I'll keep looking.)

On to the new album...

Promotional announcement for Los Malos de Verdad (2010)

Just found Los Manos for Name-Your-Price purchase over at BandCamp (including FLAC format). Other tunes (including "Ask Matusa what to do!") streaming on trusty old MySpace.

Go-Neko! - 8th Man

Opening mega-jam!

"Los Malos de Verdad" from Los Malos de Verdad (2010)

Title track!

Go-Neko! - No tengo otra alternativa

I have no other alternative!

"14 de Junio" from Los Malos de Verdad (2010)

"Esta Es Guerra" from Los Malos de Verdad (2010)

Two more from the new-ish one.

Una Especie de Mutante
This looks like a mini-documentary about Go-Neko! from around the time of Una Especie de Mutante (2008). Speaking's en Español, but the video (and music) is pretty universal.

Go-Neko! Una especie de documental on Vimeo.

What, you can't spend 30 minutes watching a documentary about a cool Argentine psych band?

"Go-Kraut!" from Una Especie de Mutante (2008)

Alright then, maybe later... There's the opening track of the debut - have at it!

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