Monday, May 23, 2011

Space Debris Projekt

Two new historical collections this year from the mighty Space Debris (#7 - 2008, #8 - 2004, and #2 - 2005), one unreleased studio and one live!!

Archive 1: Starglow Restaurant
I heard Archive Volume One's 30-minute title track, "Journey to the Starglow Restaurant," on internet radio station Krautrock-World. And that's how I found out about these two releases... Since I don't have it yet (and haven't figured out the new video program), here's some Space Debris vids I haven't featured already.

"Dark Star" from Three (2006)

Not the Grateful Dead's "Dark Star", nor Crosby, Stills and Nash's, but yet another tune by that evocative name.

"Saurus" from Three (2006)

Several free promo mp3's, including those two tracks, are available from this page at the Debris website. Might have to order Three with the new ones - it's their only album with the original line-up that I don't have.

Archive 2: All Man
Archive Volume Two is live, and seems to be split about evenly between the Mk 1 and Mk 2 line-ups. As are the following videos...

"Mountain (live)" from Into the Sun (2007)

"Solarization (live)" from Live Ghosts (2010)

I have a good feeling about these new collections!

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