Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Self-Titled Debut Album

I've seen Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA) a number of times, and twice in New Orleans. Hell, I've seen Mondo Generator in New Orleans...

This time they were playing their self-titled debut album all the way through, plus outtakes from that era and speciality hits. I would have preferred the psychedelic gem Rated R to the more stripped-down garage-psych of the first one, but that's a quibble. Between those two albums (and Kyuss), they kind of staked out what people still think of as "stoner rock."

Also, both of those records have recently been re-released in expanded editions. None of these videos feature the awesome, original, NSFW gatefold design. But let's take a peak anyway.

"Regular John" from Queens of the Stone Age (1998)

This is the first song. It rocks & rumbles with an arid majesty.

"Avon (live)" from 1st Queens show ever, 1997 (?!?!)

I don't typically trust the internet, but if so, a bootleg of the first show ever is sweet!

"If Only Everything" from Kyuss/QOTSA split EP (1997)

Pre-debut version of "If Only" (tv!) from the pre-debut split with pre-QOTSA stoner legends Kyuss. Kyuss shared significant membership with Queens, and I believe Nick O (bass) is touring with them again. The community is split about the best Kyuss record, but I've only ever heard Blues for the Red Sun[*] (1992), dating back to Indiana buddies. The other contenders are Welcome to Sky Valley[*] (1994) and ... And the Circus Leaves Town[*] (1995).

[*] Links to actual old Kyuss videos... Also, Kyuss Lives! (Bjork / Garcia / Oliveri) is coming to Houston - Thurs, Sept. 29, at Warehouse Live.

"Walking on the Sidewalks" from Queens of the Stone Age (1998)

The sidewalks of Porto Alegra, Brasil! Awesome tuneage, dude.

"Mexicola" from Queens of the Stone Age (1998)


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Gloria Lewis is pretty sweet.