Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Sonic Prayer

It's been way too long since I've posted anything new about Earthless (#3, 2008). I just hadn't seen anything else since way back when... But all of a sudden - two things!

First, Earthless has a track on a new 2011 3-way split 12", and someone has put up a video already.

"Woman with the Devil Eye" from Earthless/Danava/Lecherous Gaze split (2011)

Still not sure about Earthless songs with vocals, or less than 8 minutes long... despite those both being awesome songs. According to Discogs, "Side B is a closed groove track of a motor revving." Here's Danava's track: "The Illusion Crawls."

Sonic Prayer
Also, I just found their 2005 debut album on vinyl over the weekend, and so I bought it. Looks like it's not the original pressing, but I've literally never seen a physical copy. Each side is one long tune, so here are the two 2-parter videos!

"Flower Travelin' Man" [part 1] from Sonic Prayer (2005)

"Flower Travelin' Man" [part 2] from Sonic Prayer (2005)

"Lost in the Cold Sun" [part 1] from Sonic Prayer (2005)

"Lost in the Cold Sun" [part 2] from Sonic Prayer (2005)

What? You wanted like actual work from me? I guess I could point out that, although this album was called Sonic Prayer, the actual song "Sonic Prayer" wouldn't be released until the next full-length.

"Sonic Prayer" [edit] from Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky (2007)

Yeah, that is a 15-minute edit of a 21:12-minute song. Further complicating matters, there was also a limited 10" single in 2005 named Sonic Prayer Jam - with b&w cover art somewhat similar to the debut album's, and probably essentially a different version of the non-title track, released on Rhythms. Awright?!

Sonic Prayer Jam

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