Thursday, January 6, 2011

Deep Politics

New Grails record drops March 8th!! They were #6 of 2008, #19 of 2010, and probably would have been... say, around #1 of 2007 - if I hadn't avoided repeating any from the previous list.

Grails - Deep Politics (2011)

No new Grails music on the album trailer, but it's in the style of Emil Amos. He's their drummer, is also Holy Sons (more soon), and he collaged together the videos for the Acid Rain dvd (2009).

Edit: Looks like YouTube doesn't want me embedding their version. So I went to get the Vimeo code, and found more awesome info at Brooklyn Vegan! A new .mp3, cover art, and coincidentally Holy Sons info... Check it.

Later edit: The .mp3 ("I Led Three Lives") is awesome! Also, I forgot to mention the album's coming out on Temporary Residence Ltd., a great label. And it gives me an opportunity to link to their own first-ever year-end lists wrap-up. Pretty groovy.


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