Thursday, January 20, 2011

Turn On Astral Bonus Space

Dragontears (#2 of 2008) finally released Turn On, Tune In, Fuck Off!! (#13 of 2010), apparently the last album by the group. And I wrote a little about it there, but still felt this was worth highlighting as a special 7"...

"Astral Flash/Space Fuck" from Turn On, Tune In, Fuck Off!! (2010)

The LP edition came with an otherwise unavailable bonus single, and it's right up there with the rest of the record (in quality if not style). The A-side, "Astral Flash," rocks out a good space-drone exploration with the album title chanted over 'n' over. The flipside, "Space Fuck," rides a similar vein - but maybe a little more Hawkwind rifftastic than the dronier side. Some real sweet added material - and nice for rewarding the vinyl!

Alt cover

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