Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Heavily Cloudkicking Vinyl

One-man metal machine Cloudkicker has moved - from Google.UK to a new Bandcamp site. And maybe to America? I called The Map Is Not the Territory the #20 record of 2009 (Metalloid division). And it was free, as are all his download releases.

Then, recently, somewhere I go for news had a composite list of 2010 metal releases, and I was surprised to see Cloudkicker even make the cut - it was a pretty long list. Newest album, Beacons (Sep 2010) is downloadable for name-your-price (including Free), and has been pressed up on vinyl ($15) and CD ($10). It's instrumental metal with computerized back-up, but the song titles seem to tell a story of some kind of military/spaceship/technical mishap via snippets of crew dialogue. Just now getting it, but sounds great so far - and I'll probably pick up the LP.

"Oh, god." from Beacons (2010)

"I admit it now. I was scared." and "We were all scared."
from Beacons (2010)

You can stream the whole thing, and all his output, at the Bandcamp site. And that's where you'd download or order more stuff.

A New Heavenly Body
I'd missed the 3-song ]]][[[ EP earlier in the year, then it was redone and renamed as A New Heavenly Body (Nov 2010). Haven't even touched this one yet, but I'll definitely get around to it pretty soon.

"What it is Impossible Not to Know and What it is No Longer Permissible to Believe in the United States"
from A New Heavenly Body EP (2010)

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