Friday, October 7, 2011

Festivalgoersdammerung (FB)

Enter the Occult World
[Posted 11/30/2011] Here's some acts I saw at some festivals at some point.

"Swamp Heron Blues" from Cult of Dom Keller, from Swamp Heron Blues (2011??)

[10/7/2011] Finally, "Swamp Heron Blues!" New one from Cult of Dom Keller coming... soon-ish?

"This Is How It Feels To Live Your Life Dead" by Cult of Dom Keller, from EP3 (2011)

Not before EP3 (out now) - available from The Committee to Keep Music Evil. Keep up with CODK on Facebook, where they are very active. Also, at Bandcamp o' course.

The Entrance Band
I didn't realize The Entrance Band was on Ecstatic Peace! records.

"Silence on a Crowded Train" by The Entrance Band, live 1/15/2009

[10/10/2011] Caught these cats at our local Free Press Summer Fest a year or two ago... 'Twas groovy!

"Lookout!" by The Entrance Band, from The Entrance Band (2009)

The dreaded hippies!!

Indian Jewelry
More Austin-Texas-Houston Psych(edelia)!

"You on the Run" by The Black Angels, from Directions To See A Ghost (2008)

[10/14/2011] Never saw a Hofner 12-string before The Black Angels played this tune, after which there were Hofner basses everywhere! Good show...

This was obviously posted after returning from The Black Angels/Dead Meadow show, let's add a bonus tune from someone else - but also from The Black Angels' Austin Pysch Fest of this year...

Indian Jewelry live, from Austin Psych Fest 4 (2011)

Houston's own noisemakers, from the official Psych Fest channel on YouTube.

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