Sunday, October 16, 2011

Naurorthern Borealights (FB)

[Posted 12/2/2011] Now we're getting somewhat back to naturally-occurring theme series. This time it's... well, I'll let the first chapter/post explain.

"Under Fur Moon" by Grumbling Fur, from Furrier (2011)

[10/16/2011] Gonna do a quick run through the Aurora Borealis label, they seem worthy. Newest is super-group Grumbling Fur. With people from Æthenor, Guapo, Circle, etc... Seems like something worth getting!!

"Sommaren Är Här / Orb Of The Woods" by Grumbling Fur, from Furrier (2011)

O yeah, I'm getting this one. Most definitely!

I just like to say "Caveman Battle Doom." There: I admitted it.

"Satsumo" by Conan, from Horseback Battle Hammer EP (2010)

[10/17/2011] Super-super-heavy Caveman Battle Doom from England's Conan... "Satsumo" from the Horseback Battle Hammer EP. Doom rides with Conan!!

"Reincarnate" by Murmuüre, from Murmuüre (2010)

Here's another label-mate. This time it's esoteric-ambient-folk-maybe-sometimes-Black-Metal, from France.

The Haxan Cloak (detail)
Guitars - no guitars - guitars - no guitars - guitars - no... Repeat until it starts to lose all meaning.

"The Seventh Goodbye" by Ben Nash, from The Seventh Goodbye (2008)

[10/18/2011] Ben Nash brings the acoustic raga drone, with a lil' free skronk. Title track from The Seventh Goodbye, on Aurora Borealis...

"In Memoriam" by The Haxan Cloak, from The Haxan Cloak (2011)

No other Ben Nash tracks to embed, so how about someone else again? This is definitely one kind of thing that I like - in a different way than the rest of the above(s). You can here more on this Klang MixCloud.

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