Monday, June 6, 2011

Mighty Legit Bootlegs!

Grails live!
GO HERE!! Now!

Check it out... that's NYC Taper's post today of the April 24th Grails show at The Knitting Factory. Excellent!

Seemingly 100% authorized by the artists that are taped, in NYC...
My previous experiences with NYC Taper involved really high quality recordings, and sometimes limited times for downloading.
So, seriously - download it now.

[Edit, 6/8: might as well insert this here:]
Their technical virtuosity never falters, and they absolutely fill the room with sound. This set drew on a range of the band’s records, not drawing too heavily from Deep Politics but still showing off its live charms, including the epic show opener, “Almost Grew My Hair.” In fact, the set was so compelling that the Knit’s sound engineer Rob - who sees an awful lot of shows in a month from behind the board - was prompted to exclaim “Wow, I sure hope you got a good recording of that. Those guys were amazing.” I have to agree...

Also, posted at the Grails band forum, with their permission:
Zanzabar - Louisville, KY - 04/19/2011!! Bonus FLAC surprise...

According to KY Taper, Emil Amos told him that [unknown Track #6] in NYC was "Back to the Monastery." And I'm telling ya that [unknown Track #9] in NYC was "Origin-ing," and [unknown track #11 / encore] was "Reincarnation Blues" then "Silk Rd."

QOTSA live!
Also recently, this recent QOTSA show at Terminal 5 - March 25th. Another of the debut album shows previously mentioned here, I'm also looking forward to listening to this one.


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