Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pink and Raw

I hadn't been buying many actual Boris albums since Rainbow (#6, 2007). Just a 7" series, some live recording, and terrible collaborations (#49 of 50, 2010) - stuff like that...

Boris is notorious for being all over the place stylistically - at least on the heavy end of the spectrum. Beyond that apparently, on one of two recent simultaneous releases... But I'd always associated the previous album before Rainbow with its general shoegazing guitar-psychedelia style. So I finally picked up Pink (2005), and it's pretty significantly different. But hailed as a classic, it's worth checking out!

"Farewell" from Pink (2005)

The opener is quite similar to some material on Rainbow, and you might remember this one from the 2nd Astral .mp3 compilation. Perhaps? Ripping psychedelic drone-metal action.

"Pink" from Pink (2005)

The title track kicks off a trio of over-driven punksplosions, with somewhat diminishing returns. Through "Woman on the Screen" then "Nothing Special." They just seem to get faster and shorter... I like how Wata stands around posing in the official video until it's time for her to rip off the solo - that's funny!

"Blackout" from Pink (2005)

Here's the ascending psych spiral of tripped-out buzz that I was kind of looking for more of with this record.

"My Machine" [extended version] from Pink 2xLP (2005)

The cd version I have is just a couple of minutes long. This longer one is from the vinyl release - better! Mellow and different.

"Afterburner" from Pink (2005)

Although such a thing doesn't exist, this stoner-doom number would make a good "typical" Boris tune. The committed heaviosity of a band named after a Melvins song, the off-kilter playfulness of some Japanese underground, some metal, some drone, some pop-pyschedelic touches. Maybe a minute too long...

"Just Abondoned My-self" from Pink (2005)

Or maybe this all-hands-on-deck driving rock-out, which finishes up the album?

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